Not Just Your Fam: Step by step guide to your first 100 users

Jeremy Olson
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Building digital products is no small feat. But for many makers, the biggest challenge comes after the building is complete. I'm talking about the inescapable question echoing in your head every week:

"How will users find my product?"

Why are we building this?

Let's face it. You're someone who tinkers and toils in no-code tools to no end. You've poured hours into building valuable digital products with the potential to delight hundreds, maybe thousands of people. But when it comes to getting your product out into the world, you've hit a wall. This guide is your battering ram.

Who is this for?

  1. Aspiring solo-entrepreneurs looking to boost sales

  2. Makers eager to get their templates and tiny apps into more hands

  3. Novice creators interested in building and leveraging an audience

What's included?

  1. A dynamic playbook: no one strategy will work for every product so we provide a tool to discover the tactics that work for your specific situation and the rest of the playbook dynamically changes based on your custom plan.

  2. Concrete checklist: this course is focused on practical steps you will take to actually get your first 100 users, with inline tips on how to execute the checklist well.

  3. Interactive worksheets: Jump into multiple interactive brainstorming activities and templates that will help you define, locate and convert your ideal customers.

Tactics included in this guide:

✉️ Build a blast list

📲 Build social media buzz

🚧 Build in public

💰 Cash in on the build-up

🚀 Choose your launch channels

🙋‍♀️ Connect with persons of interest

📄 Create a landing page

🤿 Dive into the watering hole

🏆Get featured by a platform

🤳Get press

⬆️Get to the homepage of upvote channels

📈Learn about long-term marketing strategies

✍️ Write helpful stuff for your market

⭕️Create your positioning

Building an audience is tough. Selling products online is challenging. Unfortunately, there's no cheat code to make these tasks easier. But this guide is pretty darn close!

EXTRA: This is the first iteration of an evolving product. We plan to add and refine this guide over time. In other words, this is your opportunity to gain access to an asset that could very well 5x in value (and price!) in the next few months. Consider purchasing now to lock in your low price.


How do I use this guide after purchasing?

A free account, you can sign up in 2 minutes for free and using your Google Account.

Is there a refund policy?
Yes, if this guide doesn't add value to you please write to me and you can get a full reimbursement during the first 30 days.

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Step by step guide to your first 100 users


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Not Just Your Fam: Step by step guide to your first 100 users

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